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Automatic Shot Painting Lines
Portable Pressure Blaster/ Blasting Pot

These are most commonly and widely used blasting equipment in blasting industry. Mostly uses on projects sites for open air blasting or blasting rooms. Compressed air is used for operation of this equipment. Equipment can be supplied with manual operation as well and auto automatic control systems.

Pressure blasting method is used, in which the abrasive is discharged from the venture type nozzle and projected at the job at high velocity. Pressure (Air) blasting utilizes air compressors energy to deliver air/media mix at Speeds and volumes to impact the parts being processed.

Grit Blasting Machines
Grit Blasting Machines
Grit Blasting Machines
Shot Blasting Machines
Blast Cabinet

Blast cabinet can be used to clean small components of surface of rust, deburring, strip paint and to produce matt or polished surface on the components in dust free or environment friendly.

There are two types of blast cabinets available. One works high air volume, which is called pressure cabinet and other works of low air volume which is called suction cabinet.

  • Pressure Blast Cabinets:Pressure blast cabinets are for small components blasting. It’s a portable equipment with in a built pressure blaster, Nozzle and with dust collector. Can be supplied with turn table trolley for job handling.
  • Suction Blast Cabinets:Suction cabinets are for very small jobs and for laboratory purpose. Cabinet is provided with hand gun for small area blasting.
  • Hanger Shot Blasting Machine
    Hanger Shot Blasting Machine
    Automatic Shot Blasting Lines Manufacturers
    Automatic Shot Blasting Lines Manufacturers

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